Vaderstad RDA800S

Our Price £25,000 Vaderstad RDA800S  WET HEAVY LAND?? You need this Vaderstad Rapid RDA800S which has had the CrossBoard removed and been fitted with a Vaderstad 3rd Row Coulter Kit in its place for superior performance in sticky soils. Product Code: Vaderstad RDA800SAvailability Status: Yes Delivery schedule : Within working days This 2006 machine has staggered wheels and… Continue reading Vaderstad RDA800S

Philip Watkins trailed 8 leg subsoiler ***** SOLD *****

Our Price £22,500 Philip Watkins trailed 8 leg hydraulic fold subsoiler  ***************** SOLD ***************** This machine is in excellent order. Fitted with a Double DD packer with a hydraulically adjustable crossboard in front of the packer for levelling. The Simba legs are hydraulic auto-reset. Product Code: Philip Watkins trailed 8 leg subsoiler Availability Status: Yes Delivery schedule : Within working… Continue reading Philip Watkins trailed 8 leg subsoiler ***** SOLD *****

Kongskilde Vibroflex 6m

Our Price £12,000 Kongskilde Vibroflex 6m This is a 2012 model with front discs and spring roller packer.  Product Code:Availability Status: =Yes Delivery schedule : Within working days Our price – £12,000.00 + VAT Please note that used agricultural equipment is subject to UK VAT. For further information please contactWilliam Randell on 07887714430or email

Dalbo Culti-Lift 800

Dalbo Culti-Lift 800 Springtine Harrow.
This is a Dalbo Culti-Lift 800 Springtine Harrow 8m fully mounted with front levelling boards and rear crumbler roller.
Model year, 2013.

Our Price £11,000 Retail Price £12,000 You Save £1000